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Although Rosalynde adores him, he withholds his heart from her, refusing to let even death end his devotion to the love he lost. Despite his coldness towards her, Rosalynde is determined to love him and teach him to love her -- as determined as the God he has turned his back on. As civil war rages throughout the realm, Philip faces a greater struggle within himself. Will he open his heart to love again or let his pride destroy him and his kingdom? Genre: Historical Romance. The Making of Mrs.

Please email webmaster fantasticfiction. Having you here was my pleasure, DeAnna. The upcoming release date is exciting, isn't it? Wishing you the best for its success.


Hi, DeAnna, welcome. That would be great. Thanks for having me! First , and for fun, what five words best describe you? Um, Christian, ailurophile, bibliophile, quilter, and dreamer.

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Second, tell us a bit about yourself, and your alter-ego, Julianna. I have three cats that I love tremendously, and I hate yardwork. I never had any plans to be published or even to write, but when I was in college and bored with my accounting classes, I started writing scenes just for me.

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Those scenes eventually became my first book, In Honor Bound. To my amazement, that book was published and I have not looked back since. Julianna always wanted to write mysteries like the ones she enjoyed from Agatha Christie, Marjory Allingham and Dorothy L. So there was nothing more natural for her to take a little bit of Nick and Nora and mix them with Tommy and Tuppence to get her British-American couple, Drew and Madeline.

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She has a tremendous amount of fun writing them. They thought it would be a good way to let my earlier readers know that The Drew Farthering Mysteries were something completely different from what I had published before. I want to read them all!

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  • Can you share a little bit about each series? Oh, thank you! I just got through sprucing it up. My first series, The Chastelayne Trilogy, is a romance-adventure trilogy set in medieval times. And, of course, he is forced into an arranged marriage following the loss of the girl he truly loved.

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    Could he learn to forgive and love again? That was the question I wanted to answer. I always enjoy adding a historical aspect to my stories even if they are contemporary.