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Finally I would been more vocal about the suffering and pain caused by infertility and failed treatments. Nor would I let the judgment or opinions of others warp or marginalize my sense of value. I would have stepped away from the fertility treatment roller coaster much sooner. I would also have given myself permission to move on and embrace the life I have versus chasing a dream.


Yoga has helped me to work through and release the emotional anguish that I buried long ago. Fran Meadows, 42, Connecticut. Hope, Inspiration, Strength…. Build Your Tomorrow. Infertility is a difficult journey and there will be challenges, express your emotions and leave the line of communication open with your partner. Men and women deal with difficult situations differently. Support each other. Being silent about infertility was a difficult mask to hide behind.

I would have changed my silence with openness. I wish that I would have worried less about what people would think if I was open about my journey when I was going through treatment.

I found the power of therapy helped me stay strong through the infertility journey and helped me heal through the loss of my child. Therapy is something that I highly recommend for anyone going through infertility. It helped me stay balanced. I have a baby girl through anonymous embryo donation. That if you are open to the different ways a baby can come to you, then you WILL be a parent. I would also encourage people to get second opinions. To advocated for themselves. To get as much information as possible. And to take a break when you need to. To find ways to connect to your body and to your partner.

To be kind to yourself. I might have gone to see a specialist sooner. Even though I was 30 and in good health and my OBGYN assured me there was nothing wrong, I sometimes regret waiting so long before seeing a reproductive endocrinologist. More yoga, less feeling sorry for myself.

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Acupuncture was helpful. Yoga and meditation were helpful. I tried to follow an alkaline diet at one point and cut out anything delicious. I believe acupuncture helped to increase my follicle count during IVF. Reach out for help, tell your story and honor your truth. Uncertainty was my powerful teacher over the last few years. I had 5 miscarriages in 10 months on my journey to manifesting my soul baby, Lulu Dawn. I learnt so much. This, I believe, is part of the sacred soul contract that the baby signs with the Universe before they arrive.

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They deeply honor your role in the creation process and sign up to help facilitate your ultimate spiritual expansion. Your baby might not even be born from your body, it might not be biologically yours, it might be your step-child, you could adopt a baby, lose several babies or find one sitting in a basket on your doorstep — the options are limitless.

All you need to do is remember that if you hold the intention to call forth your soul baby, your miracle will one day arrive in the perfect way it is meant to. What is very finite though is the sacred contract that is penned by the baby's soul.

It states very clearly that you are to play a role and that your whole life has been in preparation to nurture and facilitate the earth side journey of that human being ready to step forth into this reality. Our soul babies can also communicate with us in our dreams. They can appear as various people or be very literal in the way show up.

There was a little boy who was about two years old, sitting crossed legged on the floor of a barn. Chaga constitutes perhaps the greatest storehouse of medicinal healing properties of any single mushroom—or any herb, for that matter. Chaga is composed of a dense configuration of antioxidant pigments, distinguishing it from other medicinal mushrooms.

Nearly every type of superherb has a different content of saponins and polysaccharides, with each combination helping to boost the activity of our immune cells in different ways—polysaccharide beta glucans molecules match up with a specific type of cell in the immune system, each promoting a different immune response. Various substances found in chaga possess powerful anti-cancer and anti-tumour properties.

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Beta glucans are scientifically recognized as one of the richest, most important forms of healing polysaccharides. Their discovery in the mycelium netted, brainlike fungal structure and in the fruiting bodies of medicinal mushrooms has provided insight on the chemistry of how medicinal mushrooms work to heal the human body.

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The efficacy of beta glucans is only one of the mechanisms by which chaga acts to resist cancer. The anti-cancer medicinal compounds betulin, betulinic acid, lupeol, and related triterpenes are also found in chaga.

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Anecdotal evidence from Russia associates the consistent intake of chaga with resistance to all cancers, all of which make chaga an excellent adjunctive superherb to support any cancer-fighting protocol. The myriad benefits of this alkaline, medicinal tree mushroom can be gained in various forms: drying wild chaga to make teas; eating it fresh, or eating it dried; and make special alcohol and alchemical extracts from it.

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As this book reveals, there are many ways to bathe in its hidden powers! Basically, there are benefits to every type of chaga product. We see this reflected across chaga literature and research worldwide. In a Russian atlas of medicinal plants, chaga is recommended as a tea, extract, o r nastoika tincture for malignancies.