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Also in A Cranberry Cove Mystery. Also by Peg Cochran. Product Details. Inspired by Your Browsing History.

Let It Be Me by Melanie Schuster

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Bobby Gentry Glen Campbell - Let It Be Me Reaction (Fish Out Of Water Series)

Alicia is going through the same thing because she's been in love with Adam for years and the same promise has kept her from. John Flores, a prominent psychiatrist, has found his birth family and also found love with Nina Whitney. Life could be perfect if Nina would let down her guard and let him into her fiercely guarded heart. She has so many secrets that only a man like John can break down the walls and show her that his love for her is really real.

Melanie Schuster

The laws of attraction…Walking in on a beautiful woman taking a bath is a perk Todd Wainwright doesn't expect when he arrives at a friend's Hilton Head beach cottage. He gets that and more when he spends an unforgettable weekend with South Carolina biochemistry professor Emily Porter, who knows all about the laws of attraction…The chemistry of loveEmily has desired Todd ever since she first saw him at her sister's wedding.

Having the sexy surgeon all to herself in a romantic oceanfront setting is beyond her wildest fantasies. But once the vacation's over, she's hit with a cold dose of reality. Is the workaholic doc ready to commit? Is the chemistry between them strong enough to turn a passionate lovers' idyll into a true and lasting love?

Janice and Curt met in college, but their brief, budding relationship was sabotaged by a jealous woman who wanted Curt for herself. Now, years later they meet again but things have changed. Curt parlayed his successful NBA career into a coaching position with the Detroit Pistons which mean a move to Michigan and a new house. Janice took her college degrees and put them to good use as a interior designer with one of the top studios in Michigan.

Curt's cousin brought the two of them together so Janice could make the mansion into a home. But Curt's attitude towards Janice might bring everything to a halt. Once he finds out that everything he was told in college was a lie, he feels horrible about the cavalier way he's been treating Janice and resolves to make it up to her.

Halloween III: Season of the Witch

He asks her out, but she refuses. So he embarks on a romantic courtship of the single mom. He's aided by her three intrepid adopted children who think that Curt would be a perfect husband for their mommy and a. The compelling story of a father and son who both find their true love at the same time through very different means. The widowed father, Mac, is a State Supreme Court Justice in the state of Louisiana and the divorced son is an attorney.