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Lucasville: The Untold Story of a Prison Uprising

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Deadly Showdown In Lucasville

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Wobblies And Zapatistas. Andrej Grubacic.

Solidarity Unionism. Staughton Lynd. Solidarity Unionism At Starbucks. From Here To There. Moral Injury And Nonviolent Resistance. Alice Lynd. Writing on the Wall. Johanna Fernandez. Each section anticipated that it would come to dominate the Congress and could then resolve the issue of slavery in its own interest. In writing about the Lucasville uprising I have viewed it as a rebellion like the American Revolution.

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I am encouraged in making the comparison by the following words from the country's leading authority on prison riots, Bert Useem:. To answer these questions, we must turn to certain studies conducted both before the disturbance and after it ended; to deposition and court testimony, especially in a subsequent civil suit by victims of the rebellion; and to the collective memory of the rebels themselves. According to John Perotti, who was then a prisoner at SOCF, "Luke" came to have the reputation of being one of the most violent prisons in the country.

Prisoner Emanuel "Buddy" Newell, testifying in the trial of a fellow prisoner after the surrender, agreed. When he heard the commotion begin in L block on April 11, he said, he first assumed that it was a "normal fight. Perotti says that most of the guard on prisoner brutality took place in J block, which housed Administrative Control and Disciplinary Control "the hole". In , Perotti continues, twelve guards beat to death Jimmy Haynes, a mentally disturbed African American prisoner. While nurses stood watching, one guard jumped on Haynes' neck while another guard held a nightstick behind it.

Two other black prisoners, Lincoln Carter and John Ingram, were alleged to have touched white nurses. They were beaten by guards and found dead in their cells in the hole the following day. No criminal charges were pressed. A group of prisoners known as the "Lucasville 14" sought to give up their United States citizenship and to emigrate to other countries. Three of these prisoners cut off one or more fingers and mailed them to the United Nations and Department of Justice to prove that they were serious. The United States refused to allow them to renounce citizenship.

Some prisoners organized a branch of the Industrial Workers of the World to demand the minimum wage for prison labor, Perotti relates. The courts rejected this demand. Perotti also helped to prepare a thirty-eight-page petition to Amnesty International. The petition described instances in which prisoners were chained to cell fixtures, subjected to chemical mace and tear gas, forced to sleep on cell floors, and brutally beaten, all in violation of United Nations Minimum Standards for the Treatment of Prisoners. The authors were charged with "unauthorized group activity.