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Dec 06, Lex Kent rated it really liked it Shelves: f-f-ylva-romance. This book is not perfect, I had a few issues with it, but it made me feel happy. I really like how Blue writes and I always seem to enjoy books that take place in Australia. The setting was excellent and I felt like I was there. I enjoyed the romance quite a bit. The characters were friends first off-screen so that by the time the romance happens, you feel the connection already. The sex scenes were good and overall the romance just works.

There was a scene that involved stripping and singing I know that sounds odd but it was sweet and intimate and one of my favorite parts of the book. If you liked book one, chances are great you will enjoy this. If you are new to this series and are a romance fan, definitely give this series a chance.

A new short staring the two mains in this book, comes out this month.

Now, it makes sense that being a lesbian in a small Australian town would be difficult, if not terrifying. Well, although I read for awhile in incredulity, Sue is very likable and I enjoyed her journey to becoming herself very much. Her journey includes confronting people for their past actions, and moving forward with her life. I slouched in my camp chair, head tipped back, and looked up at those stars.

In London, you were lucky to see even the occasional constellation. Here, the entire universe was spread out in front of us. We are introduced to Felix, who is featured in the sequel, in a very interesting way! If Moni was a slightly more distrustful person things may not have worked out so well, but Moni is just terrific as she gives Sue space to get her head, and her heart, together.

View 2 comments. Oct 06, Lexxi Kitty rated it liked it Shelves: arc , f-f-relationship , publisher-ylva-publishing , setting-country-uk , setting-city-london , lesbian-fiction , nationality-australian , setting-region-south-east-england , setting-country-england , netgalley. She's happy and excited, for she's just about to be promoted to Senior Associate years before she thought she would be. She has some great friends, great job, and good solid life.

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Two of her best friends are Nora and Ger, and since both are lesbians, Sue spends a good bit of time in lesbian bars. Where she gets hit upon, but her response is always 'Sorry-I'm-Straight'. A response she's been giving out for a long time now, since back in college days. Sue isn't just someone who says that they are straight; she also goes on a lot of dates. And aggressively fucks men. So, obviously. Thoughts of dusty home in Australia keep popping up in Sue's mind, though, even while she's living the good life and enjoying her near promotion.

Thoughts that cause her to, on something like a spur of the moment, quit her job and return home. Sue's from a small conservative town in the Australian outback - quite a difference between it and London. But she feels this strong pull and so heads back after setting things up in London to unwind her life there, and setting things up in Australia to start, or restart, a life there.

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There's a twist, or secret, though, one that can be picked up by glancing at the title of the book. Though I assumed something that turned out to be wrong, but whatever view spoiler [I was assuming 'bisexual', especially with all the sex with men. I was wrong. A secret that turns out to be known, or guessed at by at least two of the people Sue meets in London, though not known by most. A secret that was almost a secret to herself. Though it was buried deep down in her. For you see - Sue isn't exactly as 'straight' as she always proclaims when hit on by lesbians.

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One of Sue's former boyfriends, one who remained a friend after the break-up, mentions something to Sue before she heads back to Australia - something about freeing herself - and living her life or maybe he just said something like 'I knew we weren't going to make a go of it, since I was the wrong gender for what you need for happiness'. Sue's thoughts swirl around this idea as she heads back to conservative small thinly populated outback steakhouse.

I mean the Australian outback. Into this mix are two people who have no points of view of their own since Sue's the only one with a POV - Felix the horse owner lesbian, and Moni the doctor from Dallas and one of the only two who seemed to see the lesbian hidden in Sue while Sue was in London. Felix is an older woman, lean and tough, and her story will be told in the third book in this series. I was gliding along, loosely connected to this story. There were some interesting aspects, wandering the Australian countryside in a camper, etc.

This book is a combination of wordy and thin. Lots of time passing, but in a 'months passed' kind of way. The main character is kind of flighty - dropping everything on a whim to return to her homeland of Australia.

Leaping upon the first lesbian she runs across when she decides she's willing to be a lesbian now; then barely communicating with that woman again afterwards despite their close-ish living situations. Apparently forming a long term love-lust relationship with someone just because they are one of only two people who recognized, while she was still living in London, that she was actually a lesbian despite her claims to be 'sorry-I'm-straight'.

Sadly that is how the relationship seemed to read to me - they recognized that Sue was a lesbian so Sue was interested in them; especially when she happened to end up in Australia 'near-ish'. Because she'd sound defensive WTF? The entire situation with Denise, that ex-girlfriend, was in many ways very annoying, frustrating, and not the least needed in this book.

So Moni begins stripping in the middle of the road while Sue sings. That was quite an interesting thing to visualize. Right, so my least favorite scene would be when Denise has dropped by because she wants some help leaving her husband. And Sue offers to let her stay the night — on the spare bed.

Because, reasons. Well yes, there is graphic sex in this book. Possible I overlooked something here or there, but there were several scenes involving three people heh, no not threesomes, two people in each scene, just involved three people total — 2 by 2; okay, Sue fucked Felix and then later fucked Moni, see three people.

Author did a bit of teasing though, at least with Moni and Sue, with them almost doing it a few times before they finally did for the first time. In terms of eroticism, the stripping scene would still be my favorite in the book. I do not really know what to rate this book. It actually did get interesting and good there near the end, but then the book went and ended abruptly.

October 6 View all 5 comments. Oct 25, Agirlcandream rated it really liked it Shelves: ylva. I did not read the first book in the series but other than Nora and Ger being a solid couple and friends to Sue in London this book can be read as a standalone novel. I enjoyed this read for the most part but did have a few issues with the book. One minute she is doing the happy dance knowing she is going to be made a senior partner in her law firm and the next she feels out of synch, out of phase with her new friends and her new life.

She heads back to ultra conservative Queensland and I wondered why she had left Yeringup in the first place if she missed her barren outback so much. I found it interesting that both women hailed from conservative states and pondered how special it was for them to end up together. I appreciated how challenging it was for Sue and Moni to find opportunities to meet thanks to work schedules and distance. Once again Cheyenne Blue captures the beauty of the Outback along with lurking dangers.

As conflict goes it was painful to read and my high opinion of Sue took a beating and never recovered. That said I liked what little we readers saw of Felix and look forward to the third book in this Girl Meet Girl series. ARC received with thanks from publisher for review. Nov 02, Ted rated it liked it.

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  5. So this re read originally read this over a year ago was in prep for the ARC from YLVA Almost-Married Moni and figured my original read through was only a rating, and here I thought I'd do a quick review on my thoughts. Sue leaves home for uni and finds herself in London with not only a touch of homesickness but a habit of telling folks she's straight when confronted by anyone queer who asks.

    Because she surrounds herself in the queer community in Lo So this re read originally read this over a year ago was in prep for the ARC from YLVA Almost-Married Moni and figured my original read through was only a rating, and here I thought I'd do a quick review on my thoughts.

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    Because she surrounds herself in the queer community in London and prior at uni. Then there's the rest. The author did. This is the singular sentence that led this book to be a 3 star book instead of 5. Up and to this point in the book I thought to myself, why in the world did I rate this anything other than a 5 the first time I read it?