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President Boyd K. Packer shared a similar experience at the sustaining of President Thomas S. Hinckley, the 14 men, Apostles, who had had conferred upon them the keys of the kingdom, gathered together in the upper room of the temple in order to reorganize the First Presidency of the Church. There was no question about what would be done, no hesitancy. We knew that the senior Apostle was the President of the Church. Some Church members expect some new or special revelation to identify the new prophet, but this is not necessary.

Shortly after the sustaining of President Spencer W. Kimball, Elder Bruce R.

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The law was already ordained and established. Those who are bothered by this process assume that it lacks inspiration because of its automatic nature. However, they fail to see that inspiration has been part of the process all along the way! It is inspiration that calls a new Apostle. It is inspiration that guides his development as he serves in that calling for decades. It is inspiration that preserves and protects his life allowing him to live to become the senior Apostle. And it is inspiration that finally calls him home after his faithful service is complete.

This is exactly what President Spencer W.

Testimony of LDS (Mormon) Prophet Harold B. Lee

The Lord is in complete control of who becomes the Prophet because no one else can determine when an Apostle is called or how long he lives. As President Russell M. The power of this sacred transition is beautifully captured in the following story. President Harold B. Lee was unexpectedly taken ill and rushed to the hospital just after Christmas in Two Apostles were available to rush to be by his side.

The first was his counselor in the First Presidency, Marion G. Kimball, who was the next most senior Apostle after Harold B. As a member of the First Presidency, Marion G. Romney presided and Spencer W. Kimball respectfully deferred to him as he made decisions about what to do.