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Counselling (Teach Yourself)

But over the past few years, this outside support has slowly ebbed away. Cuts across the board have taken their toll and over time we have found that services we could previously call upon no longer exist.

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As support has decreased, the need for it has increased. Reported safeguarding concerns have rocketed , according to figures released by the Department for Education. In fact, the number of children subject to section 47 inquiries likely to be suffering significant harm almost doubled between and The tipping point came for me last year while working in a senior role. The term had been particularly hard, with numerous child protection cases being monitored.

Secret Teacher: a counselling course revolutionised my teaching

I held many meetings with parents where I felt more like a counsellor or social worker than school leader. With the realisation that specialist support was no longer available, I decided to become the support myself. I enrolled on a part-time counselling course to give me greater confidence in assisting families in crisis.

What I discovered changed the way I viewed my role and profession entirely. First and foremost, teachers use counselling skills every day. Every theory and new approach I learned about had lightbulbs popping in my head. There were so many parallels with teaching, and so much potential for applying this in the classroom. With a fresh injection of enthusiasm, I enrolled on a full counselling qualification course and then returned to teaching.

Who Uses Counselling Skills?

Armed with a new awareness and curiosity about the impact a therapeutic approach to teaching could have, I set about using my recently acquired skills at school. I began by creating an environment that felt safe, where effort, perseverance and making mistakes were celebrated. I work extra hard on building those essential relationships and I model getting it wrong all the time. In the past, when addressing poor behaviour, I would have followed school policy, given sanctions consistently and then carried on, expecting the child to just put it behind them and move on, too.

With greater awareness of the importance of empathy, I now try to put myself in their position every time. How does it feel to be them after an incident such as this? I also set aside time one-to-one with them, explaining that I really care about them and that this is why I am worried about their behaviour. It has led to children explaining in great depth how they are feeling. Trust and strong bonds have been created, and when children begin to talk about their emotions, I have the skills to open them up, rather than unwittingly close them down.

The Accidental Counsellor Training Options

Self-care is also a vital component of being an effective therapeutic teacher this is admittedly something I am still working on. Teachers rarely seem to make the time to calm and recharge the batteries.

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The group is facilitated by a skilled group psychotherapist. Reading and Written Work Students are expected to engage in reading relevant to the course and will need to either purchase the core course books or borrow them from a library. Further reading suggestions will be provided at the beginning of the course and copies of papers for discussion are also distributed throughout the course where appropriate. There is one written assignment of words which is completed in the final term.

Students are also asked to keep a record of their personal learning journey throughout the course. An word summary of their learning is submitted at the end of the academic year. Students will be supported throughout their learning by a personal tutor and will have a formal tutorial at the end of each term. Counselling and Therapy Requirements Students are not required to be in their own counselling or therapy at this stage of their learning.

Award of Certificate Students must demonstrate to a satisfactory degree an ability to use counselling skills and an understanding of self and the counselling process. They must also attend and participate in seminars, workshops, groups and tutorials.

Improve Your Counselling Skills in 60 Seconds: Reflecting—Narrated by Dr Andrew Reeves

All written work must be completed to a satisfactory standard. This course does not give qualified status as a counsellor.


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Application Process The application process for the Certificate course is currently closed. Our next Certificate course will commence in September , applications for the course will open in Spring If you would like to be put on our mailing list in order to receive information regarding our training programme please contact us on info basingstokecounselling. Certificate in Counselling Skills and Theory.