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Open to everyone! No prerequisite. Attendance to Personal Wavelength Class is recommended but not required. More Info. Disclaimer: No Medical claims are made nor implied. User assumes all responsibility for their exploration of information or materials. Information reflects historical usage and concepts from different world healing traditions, many of which are not recognized or supported by modern Western Medicine. Vibrational Testing and all Vibrational Healing concepts, whether traditional or contemporary, are to be considered experimental holistic approaches and are not considered valid by modern Western Medicine.

All information and products are for personal exploration only, and are not intended for diagnosing nor treating any disease. Remember Me. Gilbert, Ph. Course 3 is now in production and will be posted online as it is completed, throughout All Rights Reserved.

VHF School of Subtle Energy Medicine Practitioner Course

Forgot your username? Create an account. This class provides students with the necessary business skills to successfully run or expand your sound healing practice. It also provides tools for overcoming emotional blocks with having a successful business. In addition, the course helps students learn how to incorporate guided imagery in a sound healing practice. Instructor: Susanne Runion. The class continues with the use of sound as a personal tool for your own creative development.

We go further into exploring your sound landscape and consciousness with the voice and other sound healing instruments.

Class includes work on the pineal gland and our shadow and sub personalities. We also practice distance healing on others — projecting our intentions. We also do sound work at the cellular level. Learn the structure of music from a holonic perspective that covers the full perspective of vibration from atoms to music. Apply the holonic structure perspective to familiar and unfamiliar pieces of music. Increase listening discerning abilities of musical components. Explore song form concepts. Begin developing simple musical experiences pieces, songs, or activities from a holonic perspective.

Instructors: Lis Addison, Ryan Moore. The objective of this class is to further the education of the students, giving more usable sound techniques that they can take out into their own practices.

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We also learn how the ancient chants of India correspond with the sacred geometry forms called Yantras. The students are expected to practice some of the techniques that we learn from each class. This class continues with the exploration of the connections between sound and healing from an esoteric perspective with an eye toward the current scientific research being conducted in this field.

We continue exploring the understanding of the interconnectedness of the multidimensional levels of sound, vibration, music, color, light and consciousness. Steven Fisdel is one the top scholars in the world on the Kaballah and the Tree of Life. Steven takes the students through the incredible width and depth of the ancient teachings of the Kaballah in relation to the structure of consciousness, and how sound and color enliven each of the components of the Tree of Life.

Gain a full perspective on how to use tuning forks on and around the body for healing and consciousness expansion purposes.

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The class will study the different systems and techniques from the leaders in the field: Randy Masters and Hans Cousto. We will demonstrate all the different types of sets and students will get to practice with the wide array of tuning forks from our store. The objective of the course is to give students an understanding of the functions, locations and pathways of the 12 regular meridians and the 8 extraordinary meridians. All of the points that have been picked for study can be stimulated with tuning forks, vibration or simple acupressure techniques.

If used properly they can enhance your treatments, target particular health issues or aid in helping the body to remain in balance. This course is about how to evaluate a client in a sound healing session.

The class covers different frameworks for understanding the state of a client — physically, mentally and emotionally. The class prepares you for the real world, and the real business of conducting therapeutic sessions. This course will help you take all you have learned and pack it into a treatment session that you can deliver to a client. An effective treatment for a client requires more than information or skills. The course covers practitioner preparation skills, client intake, and forms of evaluation.

This course deals with the conceptual and practical challenges involved with the collection, management and exploration of data for quantitative and qualitative analysis.

Flower and Vibrational Essences Practitioner Course

Students will then use the research techniques to design and implement a research project of their own choice. The class is introduced to various types of research and each student embarks on creating a research project to prove the effectiveness of sound, music, energy, light, color and geometry. Each student then does the research project, collates the information, puts it into standard research data form, and presents it to the class. Pythagoras defined geometry as the study of the relationships between objects in space. Math gives a way to precisely describe those relationships.

In this course, students will learn the mathematical ratios that define the geometrical relationships found in all aspects of the material world. Instructor: Richard Feather Anderson. A study of the physical properties and processes related to the production of sound. Introduction to the physical properties of pitch, frequency, periodicity, loudness, envelope and timbre. The physics of motion, vibration, waves and sound including the mathematical and psychoacoustic basis of sound.

The structure and function of the human ear and how it detects and processes sounds. How the different types of musical instruments produce the sounds that they do and the similarities and differences among them. Aspects of room acoustics, including loudness, reflection and absorption. The mechanism that creates various sounds in the human voice. The course will include the study of both sacred and secular music in all genres, stressing the origin and evolution of musical forms and musical styles and the important composers from each of the time periods from Antiquity and the Middle Ages, through the Renaissance and the Baroque periods to present day.

Students will experience the music that led to the Classical, Romantic, and Modern eras. The course will place a strong emphasis on listening to and identifying various styles of music.

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This course continues exploring the full perspective of everything going on of the field of Sound Healing and Sound Therapy. Students learn about more frameworks for the explanation of consciousness, and how sound, music and energy can be used within those systems for healing and expansion of consciousness and awareness. We explore Native American traditions, and have students research information of various consciousness frameworks. Students develop ideal treatment plans for people with various types of emotional and physical issues including anger and grief.

Inner Awareness 2 5 Classes The class continues with the use of sound as a personal tool for your own creative development. With sound we explore past life regression, pineal gland, shadow and sub personalities, body systems, Siddhi power centers, cranial sacral work, tantric breathing, and mudras hand movements.

Students learn from various class time interactivities, exercises, and sharing of individual projects. We also explore the intersection of music theory and wellness. This class gives students usable sound techniques that they can take out into their own practices. In this third semester, we are going deeper into the essence of sound by studying the Sanskrit alphabet and studying phonons, phonemes and the importance of grammar to a spiritual practice.

There is interaction with them to share their experiences of these practices. Students use feng shui to create sound healing treatment rooms that best support the desired changes in consciousness. Richard will share his translation of the often-enigmatic feng shui rules into a set of common-sense principles of good design, based on the laws of Nature. Students will understand how to optimize the flow of life energy into and through any space to make clients most receptive to treatments.

In the second section of the course students will explore cosmological mandala images. Understand how these mandalas reveal the cosmic realities and archetypal forces of creation that lie behind the material world. Learn about the symbolic meaning of the patterns, shapes and colors used in sacred art.