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I've found that although its range extends high beyond the common tpt, its timbre is nowhere near as sharp. Well, I defer to an honest to goodness trumpet player.

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I'm a horn player whose ears got deafened by many trumpet players over the years, so I can't argue with you! I'm glad to hear though that there are orchestral players like us using samplers. Yeah it's definitely a good thing that more 'traditional' instrumentalists are getting into the whole technology side of music making. Mind you - it's only recently that technology has been able to get anywhere close to sounding as good as 'the real thing', orchestrally speaking.

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VSL is testament to that! Although I don't know what that means as to the trumpets that were used Although I'm a brass player low brass , my comments about the Eb trumpets are solely based on talks with an ex-LA trumpet player. He claimed that Ebs were used on a number of those scores to achieve a brighter cleaner sound because the parts were so often written high and staccato.

Apparently, it's a little easier to play high cleanly on an Eb.

Trumpet Music: writtiverlaymen.tk

The key of the piece may have been a factor as well, but he didn't mention it. Most Williams pieces become very chromatic quickly regardless, however. The other scores you mentioned Raider's, Superman definitely sound like they were performed on Bbs, I agree. Quote: Most Williams pieces become very chromatic quickly regardless, however.

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We plan to record also a solo Bb trumpet. Finally you will have alternatives for all major solo intruments: Two different flutes. Wow, that'll be amazing. Maybe somewhere down the road Eb trumpet, descant horn, and alto trombone could be added to the list just to make it insanely complete. I see Eb clarinet parts often too, though I think they sound obnoxiously reedy. They could be part of Symphonic Cube version For a complete symphonic band representation you need the high eflat clarinet as well as the bassett horn.

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Also, remember Mahler using that excessively reedy effect in the 2nd symphony? Speaking of band instruments I wonder if the Baritone Horn, as opposed to the often interchanged Euphonium, will be sampled. I guess the Quantum Leap has them but haven't heard those.

Armstrong Louis, 'La Vie En Rose' jazz Trumpet Solo Transcription (Version Bb)

The contrabass sax is a frightening instrument. It's like a Bari Sax from Hell. I've been in the presence of a bass sax but only seen pictures of a contra bass and it is so large it basically makes the player seem attached to it rather than the other way around. Will we ever see a Bb Trumpet Ensemble? I find the C Trumpets way too bright and virtually unuseable. The C Trumpets in actual recordings usualyl sound synthy. I am not sure why the choice of C Trumpets for the library was decided.

The Bb trumpets are much more convincing and blend better with the Horns. Evan Evans. Maybe it could be a 4 player section too, just to make it even more of a variation from the current C trumpet section. And while I'm asking for the moon, maybe an Eb section too? I think sometimes there's a convusion when people use the word "bright". The main thing to remember is the range of the instrument. A Bb trumpet has a slightly lower range than a C one, so playing the same concert pitch, the Bb will have to strain more, and therefore stick out more.

I think this is what some people refer to as brightness. A cello section playing C5 sounds bright because it's high in its range.

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A violin section playing C5 doesn't sound as bright because it's in the middle of its range. Basically it all just comes down to range. As far as I know, every instruments' upper range is pretty bright. Anthony Lombardi www. I'm not trying to argue here, but I thought long and hard about answerring because I am contesting what the previous poster and previous posters have said about the differences between Bb and C trumpets and the word BRIGHT. There are many other physical and scientific differences between the two. I am not going to mention them all. Now, regardless of their pitch, even if they were both Bb or C instruments, the fact of the matter is that, regardless of pitch, the harmonic and fundamentals structure of the C Trumpet, because of it's physical characteristics aside from pitch length of overall trumpet , have more partials and overall frequencies present at greater proportional volumes in the higher frequency spectrum than the same note played on a Bb trumpet, even if they were the same transposing instrument.

This has to do with the many physical differences I mentioned above. This result of greater volume of upper partials, in all certain terminolgies translates to what is generally accepted by most of the world as BRIGHTER. Now, taking into account the physical differences and the transposition differences, the C Trumpets have the following advantages over teh Bb trumpets: They require less air per note They can play with more agility They can especially reach about a minor 3rd higher than the Bb trumpet because of all the physical differences combined, without any further emboucher or airflow changes from teh the same note on the Bb They can start and end a note more quickly They will pierce through the same orchestration better than a Bb trumpet regardless of pitch read: also in the low registers Now, on the flip side of the C Trumpets which are BRIGHTER, are the Bb Trumpets which are referred to as WARMER because of their opposite mechanics from teh C Trumpets.

Without getting to labored here, let's just say that the Bb trumpets do not have those things that I mentioned above regarding the C Trumpets special abilities. One thing worth great mention is how nearly non-existant any composing is in the low register of the trumpet. From E3 to C4. A professional with the right mouthpiece can use this range for slow to medium passages and the trumpet section itself can sound fantastic together in chords harmonized with the trombones in this low register. It really has yet to be done. But I hope to change that.

I said they were brighter some time ago, and you don't have to be an "expert" on the subject.

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